Friday, April 13, 2012

New cars

I really don't know why anyone would buy a car that is brand new from a dealership. It seems like any and every other possible choice when shopping for an automobile is superior. Think about it. If your new car loses 33% of it's value as soon as its driven off the lot, you might as well get the one-year-older previously owned model for a drastically reduced price. It's essentially the same car that had a newer year put in front of it and maybe they replaced the carpet with a more lightweight weave or slightly changed some of the interior dimensions, but all the high priority items have stayed the same. If you like throwing money away to prove to random strangers that you appear to be successful, then new cars are definitely the right choice. If it's financed, two or three years from now you'll be paying a ridiculous monthly fee probably equal to that of the current year model at that time. Especially for economy cars, if you're going to buy a Civic, no one will really care that it's the newest model. It's a Civic. The new body design doesn't hide the fact that it's always been the same concept underneath. Just buy used. You save on initial price, insurance, and headaches involved with new electrical implementations.


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  3. Big problem is that the cost of a car just off the lot doesn't drop by 33%. That is just an urban myth. Another is that you can't buy a year old car, becuase the person who bought it isn't selling! Finally the benefits of 0% financing won't be provided by your bank, but the dealership, who definitely isn't going to sell that one year old car to you at a favorable finance rate.